Brandy Latrice White, better yet BrandyWine, is smooth and yet an acquired taste. 
Corsicana, Texas native, she recognized poverty and racial oppression was high there. 
Early on she was placed into the foster care system, until she was finally emancipated 
at the age of 17, legally becoming an adult in the state of Texas. As far back as she can 
remember, she was nicknamed BrandyWine as a little girl by her Aunt Juanita. So, 
BrandyWine always existed. She was strengthened in it, under the direction of her 
beloved grandmother—"Momma’s momma; Grandmother”. Grandmother didn’t play 
“that” or with anyone; teaching her early, supposedly “she had no feelings”. At the age 
of 2, she visited the East coast with a close uncle and cousins here in Dallas. Some of 
her first musical deposits came from sounds of Cameo, Earth, Wind, and Fire [EWF], 
Renee and Angela, the O’Jays, The Chi-Lites, Teena Marie, Rick James, Patti Labelle 
and Quincy Jones, and The Dells. Being in Foster Care and still unable to express 
herself, she eventually felt compelled to write (age 14), opening the door to her silent 
talent and powerful gift, poetry. 
Over time, things became worse, becoming quick to anger because everything she ever 
felt was bottled up. Inexpressive, she became a challenged young adult, experiencing 
great amounts of abuse and drifting down the wrong path. She was later incarcerated, 
now longing for her children, and clinging to her faith. She was later released and 
eventually she and her children reunited. 
Fast forward-- For her 40th birthday, she and her once lover of many years attended an 
open mic, where she performed her very own poetry (“Words Never Spoken”). Soon 
after, she built a family-run business in Dallas, the Food for Soul Experience [FFSE] (an 
Indy/Underground Spoken Word Showcase). Raw MC, she hosted every show with 
zeal, never making it clear that she in-fact-owned the successful showcase. Inclusive as 
she is, each of her children and even her mother created a pristine process and 
supported the initiative. In the next 4 years, FFSE became one of the most popular live 
entertainment companies delivering high-quality entertainment, while spotlighting artists 
from all genres. 
Socio-economic, racial, and COVID-19 happenings led to the execution of The 
BrandyWine Project—a compilation of emotions and things that warranted 
BrandyWine’s expression, as a solo artist. With the experience and assistance of 9-time 
Grammy Winner Bobby Sparks II and engineer Mason McCall, The BrandyWine Project 
was birthed. Full of Funk, Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel, & Spoken Word, this powerful 
collaboration resets soulful music and poetry, making them essential to live 
entertainment and urban art. 

BrandyWine-- in every gulp, she is a different taste. High-level and open-thinker, she’s 
elusive in thought. Collected collector, she is collective, faithful, clever, eclectic, artistic, 
unapologetic, lyrical, raw, fluid in character and sharp in her tongue;

quality surpassing tastes like that of Courvoisier. The sounds of the artists showcased on BrandyWine’s 
extended play are distinguished, apprising who she is as an artist, detailing her 
experiences. The instruments used leave a sense of nostalgia too, as they are 
consistent with classic influences. The BrandyWine Project is intended to promote 
mental wellness and evoke positive change in the African American community, as 
silence continues to divide us in more ways than one. Philanthropist, mother of 7, 
nurturer, lover, an activist, BrandyWine uses the music to speak on love, injustices, 
importance of education, experience, wisdom, and real-life happening to her. She’s 
since prevailed. Here’s to The BRANDYWINE Project... 

Written by Robyn Easley, MOL of Pineapple Grenade Enterprises, LLC

Updated 11/19/2020


She is an amazing person, host, poet and friend. Her poetry is an inspiration and her story makes all that she does so much more important to young women like myself. - Ashley Bryant

She is a AMAZING host ! Best host I ever seen in Texas .  - Mahogany Shaw

Outstanding tracks!! - Kendra Williams

She put the FUNK back in FUNKY! - Roderick Bazzle

An album worthy of being on soundtracks, independent films and movies - Tudda Bear